63 – The Naked Pastor –

David Hayward is a cartoonist, author and teacher knows as the Naked Pastor. Today, we talked about his work, including his work with the Lasting Supper online community and especially his 10 statements about spiritual independence.  It exists: To help people become and remain spiritually independent. His website: The Naked Pastor     Oh wow, my book, Apparent…Read more »

61 – Brandon Vedder – Stange Negotiations

Brandon Vedder is an award winning documentary filmmaker. Brandon’s career began touring with and making films about musicians. His early days had him shooting for concert film’s like Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden. In 2013, alongside Transcendental Media, Brandon produced, edited and shot the acclaimed documentary La Source, narrated by Academy Award nominated actor, Don Cheadle.…Read more »

Asking Questions

For over 20 years, I held my theology close to my chest.  There were some things that were considered “essentials.”  I often recited what is usually attributed to Augustine, “In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity.”  Essentials are considered by many groups as the things that are written in stone—we don’t change…Read more »