The Desert Sanctuary

Spirit * Soul * Body

If you have ever felt like a spiritual nomad, this virtual conference is just the ticket. It’s still only $39 for all the content – 12 speakers, 3 days and the content will contintue to be available for 30 days!


Friday, June 5th

6:00 Jason Elam Sacred Encounters on the Road Away From God
7:30 Round Table 1 Keith Giles (MC), Karl Forehand, Jason Elam

Saturday, June 6th

9:00 Kyle Butler Finding Heavenly Peace When You’re Scared as Hell
10:30 Katy Valentine Let The Power Flow: Energy and Metaphysics for Christians
12:00 Round Table 2 Cody & Elaine Johnston (MC), Katy V., Kyle B.
1:30 Derrick Day Love: The Alpha and Omega
3:00 PK Langley Missing the Message: Rediscovering What Was There
4:30 Round Table 3 Karl Forehand (MC), Derrick Day, PK Langley
6:00 Laura Forehand & PK Langley Considering a Better Way
7:30 Todd Vick The Embarrassing Father
9:00 Round Table 4 Jason Elam (MC), Laura Forehand, PK Langley, Todd Vick

Sunday June 7th

9:00 Keith Giles Worm-Free Christianity
10:30 Karl Forehand Into the Mystic
12:00 Round Table 5 Katy Valentine (MC), Keith Giles, Karl Forehand
2:00 Cody & Elaine Johnston Unity Beyond Beliefs
3:30 Bill Thrasher The Ramification of a Christlike Holy Spirit
5:00 Karl Forehand & Jason Elam None Who Wander are Lost
7:00 Round Table 6 Derrick Day (MC), Karl F, Jason E, Bill T., Johnston’s

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