The Desert Sanctuary

76 – Writing – Being


Have you ever written something and then been tenative about showing it to others. This group of writing scared me even to think about writing it. I knew it woudl be hard work to relive some of the shadow work I did a couple of years ago.

In Junuary, while I was away at a training, I decided to sit down and write it down. Then I asked my friend, Mark Karris to look over my shoulder electronically. He kept encouraging me to go deeper, so I wrote some more. Then, as I realized that I was learning something different, I began to write about being.

Being where I am (presence) and being who I am (authenticity) is definately the focus of this writing, but we it seems rather difficult to learn to be without doing the work necessary to remove roadblocks in our way. The necessary work in our emotional and spiritual lives cannot be avoided. But, when we begin to work through the trauma and find peace, then we are able to be — and that’s the end goal!

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