The Desert Sanctuary

Spirit * Soul * Body

Jason Elam, of the Messy Spirituality Podcast, and I got together to talk about a couple of things. We didn’t have nearly enough time, but we figured we would package it in bite-sized segments. This is JOINT PODCAST that will probably air on both stations.

This is directly from our hearts!

PART 1 is about church and how our views have changed over the years. It is not to discredit those that find what they need there, we just wanted to discuss what we are discovering now that we view the church from outside the walls.

Hope you enjoy the discussion – I’m exhausted!

Find Jason HERE

Oh wow, my book, Apparent Faith, got nominated for a Christian Indie Award in Theology for 2020!! This is quite humbling. Please help me out by voting and then spreading the word.

“Apparent Faith” under Theoloology


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If you still haven’t ordered the book, it’s still on sale and available in print, audible and Kindle version.



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